(Pack of 30 Pcs.) White Bicycle Tail Light With 5 Red LED

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2.5 X 2 White Bicycle Tail Light With 5 Red LEDs: Clip And Adjustable Strap :  (Pack of  30 Pcs.)

Attaches Easily To The Back Of The Seat Post, This 5 Led Tail Light Offers 3 Functions: Steady, Flashing, And Superlight. It Comes In A Clear Plastic Lens - Please Note That Although The Case Is Clear, The LEDs Are Highly Visible Red For Its Maximum Safety And Visibility. Comes With Both A Yellow Nylon Strap And A Clip-mount. Dimension Is About 2 1/2"" X 2"".

  • 5 Red Led Lights
  • Includes 2 Packs Of Taillight Set
  • Red lights are highly visible
  • Measures 2.5"" X 2""
  • Includes Strap And Clip