ActionLine KY-61017 Bosu Ball/Dome Ball Exerciser

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*A cross between a fitnessballand a wobbles cushion with exercise cables. * Use either the ball side up or flat side up for a total balance core workout.* Simply combine the Balance Dome with either a standing desk or a laptop stand and you can be looking to burn in excess of 200kcals/hr (bodyweight dependent) which is approximately three times the rate of calorie burn when sitting* standing for extended periods will engage muscles in glutes, hamstrings and the core as well as offering a change from a sedentary posture* greatly improved balance, meaning increased sure footedness and less likelihood of falling injuries* reduced back issues due to postural change* avoids metabolism going into sleep mode when sitting* Resistance bands for upper body workout* Material: PVC for the Dome, ABS Plastic for the base* Diameter:19"" Height:10""